Crazy Wednesday

February 26, 2020

Instant wake up at 6.30 AM. I am just writing those times out because it’s pretty unusual for me to wake up that early.

Some entrepreneurial thoughts:

  • Netlify recently published a blog post how to create an eCommerce store on the JAMstack. Creating unique, content-driven, fast shopping experiences is the main goal for better conversion rates.
  • just bought payment optimization startup ProcessOut. Smart routing will be even more intelligent, and less money will be left on the table by clients. A massive win for the startup community, because even the small startups can use it.
  • Consistency gives you great results. Subway has sold just one type of sandwich for 54 years - isn’t that amazing and inspiring?
  • One more logo sold at Wizlogo. The translations we made months ago started to generate organic traffic and the most significant market - Poland. Życie jest piękne:)

    Fun stuff

  • Had a back massage session today, a reminder to take care of myself even more.
  • Participated in a financial consultation about the Lithuanian payment system. There are many ways to increase your income, but one problem - is it worth to invest in those bonds? It depends.
  • Daily song find: MorMor - Heaven’s Only Wishful

Going to sleep regularly before 11 PM, am I becoming an elder?

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