Act of March 11

March 11, 2020

  • Can’t believe how much Lithuania has achieved in those 30 years of independence. Proud of everyone.
  • Anyways, a day off for everyone here in Lithuania. However, couldn’t sit at home went straight to the office - too good to have a space for yourself, no distractions, quality work.
  • All the conferences I wanted to go this year probably will be postponed due to the Corona virus. Sad.
  • FastCompany just published a list of the world’s most innovative companies in design. 2020 seems promising with Nike, Webflow, and Starbucks in the top 3.
  • Looking for a weekend getaway place here in Lithuania - Klaipeda, Nida, and Juodkrante are the best sweet points I come up with.

Written by Benas Bitvinskas who lives and works in Lithuania 🇱🇹 building impactful things. Learn more about me