Deep Friday

March 06, 2020

  • Designing from 7 AM can make you go crazy. At about 4 PM, I’ve already lost my mind and couldn’t focus, so I spent the rest of the day reading/brainstorming.
  • Great idea for a startup - user testing app, where you can make 5-second tests. For example, show the community of users an image of the web and then get the answers. However, it already exists -
  • Still wondering if a landing page templates framework could sell for $99 or more. Templates on the themeforest are very cheap these days - do they even earn something?

  • These days, it is tough to tell if designers are good at something or not, even giving entry tasks to the people who apply is not valid. Is there any way to make it somehow different? I don’t know.
  • These days, designers are very trendy with the titles they do write on their portfolios/resumes. Senior Creative UX/UI/IA/IxD Product Lead, how does that look like?
  • Don’t be afraid of other designers to do something better than you - that’s is the part of your everyday life. Every time you will find people who design better things even they are not in general better designers. Evaluation doesn’t work here, focus more on your daily learnings, and be happy for others.

Written by Benas Bitvinskas who lives and works in Lithuania 🇱🇹 building impactful things. Learn more about me