Design Gaps

March 03, 2020

  • Lesson learned years ago - always give up your worst clients that you consult. My designer friends and I used to help one big business to grow, and we managed to improve their revenue by up to 1000% by our design tips. Sadly, they had some bullshit management going on - I left them early, my friend too.
  • Work in a company you got great responsibilities. If you don’t feel like having responsibilities - ask for them.
  • Always have a bigger picture of your design career. One year of vision is not enough.
  • Good questions empower everyone involved.


  • Just found out about mobile data leak that is going on for ages. All the mobile apps that used to bill your phone, for example, parking tickets - are easily hackable to get your phone number. GDPR anyone? More about this here

Written by Benas Bitvinskas who lives and works in Lithuania 🇱🇹 building impactful things. Learn more about me