First Day Nida

March 13, 2020

  • We arrived at Nida in the early morning, sadly there was a lot of wind day before, and there were a bunch of trees just hanging on the roads. Powerful what our Earth could do.
  • Lesson learned - in a tiny town, it is super hard to find quality food. We went to the Supermarket - barely anything eatable left.
  • Tomorrow we’re exploring more of the Curonian Spit - hopefully the weather will be okay.
  • Today, I had so many chats going on in my Slack like never before, talking remote, ha?
  • We got twice as much Coronavirus infected people here in Lithuania. Stunted growth from 3 to 6, we’ll see how Nida will stand against it.

Written by Benas Bitvinskas who lives and works in Lithuania 🇱🇹 building impactful things. Learn more about me