Monday to Sunday

March 02, 2020

What I got on my mind today:

  • Most of the design leads get to this role just because there isn’t anyone who can do this in their company. And it’s similar everywhere.
  • As a design lead, the reality is that when your team shines, you shine, and that’s what’s important.
  • Starting to delegate essential tasks after you start leading is the foremost vital thing you should learn to do. Even though a lot is on stake, you got to adapt.
  • Drake just dropped new music, and the OLD DRAKE is back. Chicago Freestyle is out here.
  • Learning Gatsby.js with React so hopefully I can make this blog look even more badass.
  • Yesterday I saw The Gentlemen movie by Guy Ritchie. Iconic.

Written by Benas Bitvinskas who lives and works in Lithuania 🇱🇹 building impactful things. Learn more about me